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Ahri Cosplay - Leggings/shoes tutorial
Hey there!
It's getting pretty close to the end of my Ahri cosplay tutorials! This one will be able her shoes and her stockings.
What you will need:
*The same fabric used for your skirt and top. As well as some black fabric.
* Red Ribbon
*You can sew them on or hot glue them on. So either a needle and some thread or you will need your hot glue and gun.
*White paint preferably fabric paint.
This website is great for seeing the designs that her ribbons are in if you are wanting to be accurate. ----->
I made mine out of the same material as the rest of the skirt. but an easier way if you wish is to just boy some nice socks and attach the ribbon around accordingly and a collar around the top. The way I did it was a bit more complicated. I measured my leg in 3 parts; the top where I wanted them to sit, the middle and the bottom around my ankle. (1) I then
:iconfeoranna:Feoranna 23 0
Ahri Cosplay - Tails Tutorial
Hi again loves!
So sorry it's taken me so long to post on here for the next section on the Ahri cosplay. I have already done a tutorial on her sleeves, skirt and her top. I started her tails first and finished them last because well, they were rather frustrating, and I am in the process of reworking them. Once I completely finish my rework on her tails, I will post another how to!
As always, the pictures will be numbered ;3
What you will need:
*At the very minimum you will need 2 yards of white fake fur. I am lucky enough to have an enormous fabric place called Fabric Depot which has it's own section for fake furs! I got one that was long, straight, soft and beautiful! Fake fur can be pretty spendy, I got mine for 29.99 a yard (1)
*Firm Foam (I cut mine appropriately) (2)
*Stuffed animal stuffing
*Industrial Strength Velcro
*Some fabric or a small belt.
*Some hot glue and a hot glue gun
*Some (preferably) white velcro
First you will decide how large you want your t
:iconfeoranna:Feoranna 44 10
Ahri cosplay- Skirt Tutorial
Hi again guys!
Here is the tutorial for the skirt. I started similalarily to how I did with the top- But first! Let's talk supplies.
You are gonna need:
*White fabric (I used some satin)
*Fabric paint- I use Jacquard brand - Gold an a red. (5)
*Paint brushes of all sizes- primarily smaller and thinner ones.
*Red ribbon
*White thread of course
----I will correspond the bottom pictures with the points below----
You can start by taking your measurements- using the pattern method from the shirt create a pattern. Make sure to make the pattern about 2 inches larger than you are to allow enough space for sewing/breathe room. It is also important that you make sure to make the top layer of the skirt larger at the bottom so that it sticks out in the nice points like she does in game:)
I made my skirt in 2 different pieces. The top half and the bottom half.
1) First I will talk about the bottom half of the skirt;
I first created two pieces to sew together in the front and the back (The seems wil
:iconfeoranna:Feoranna 38 4
Ahri Cosplay - Sleeves Tutorial
Hello again!
This is the tutorial for the sleeves of her dress. It is debatable whether or not her sleeves are attached to her top or not. I personally made them separate because It would be even more constricting than it already is XD. I would have liked to made the top of my sleeves a little bigger and I may redo them- but that's for something else. :3
In my first initial post about Ahri's top I posted a picture of the patterns I made, the stencil on the left is the one I made for the sleeve. I know it looks big, but it should! You want to leave enough room at the top and the bottom of the sleeve so it will flair out.
--- As always, pics coordinating with numbers! <3 ---
What you will need:
* Red fabric (I used satin)
* Red thread
* A strip of your white fabric
* Your fabric paints
* Paint brushes and some water/ a paper towel or two
* Optional; Wire (used to shape the top of the sleeves)
First you will make your pattern, measure the top of your arm and stretch it out so that you
:iconfeoranna:Feoranna 33 15
Ahri Cosplay Walk Through - League of Legends
Hi guys!
I thought it would be a good idea to go through and make a journal entry on how to make an Ahri cosplay. OR pretty much just how I did it:)
*** This is just a tutorial on her TOP. There will be another tutorial on her tails, hair, and shoes and skirt. ***
What you will need:
*3d model is GREAT. I loved having it, since I used her in game art that is! But keep in mind there are differences in the in game models and in the splash art! I use this one ---->
*About 2 yards of your choice of white and red fabrics. I used silk because I really liked the way they looked- it was a little harder to cut because it frays a little- but I like the way it turned out.
* Red and white thread.
* Sewing machine
* Red zipper
(1) You will start by constructing a pattern out of poster board. Allow yourself a few inches on the sides for cutting and for sewing. (You also have the option of making the chest a bit bigger if you feel like be
:iconfeoranna:Feoranna 35 8
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Hey guys! So its been a while since my last post and I just wanted to post about my yearly plans for this year as far as cosplay is concerned. I know one of the two displays will be the female barbarian from diablo 3 (the poster version with the blue paint) but I am still unsure of the second cosplay. I would like to cosplay from an anime since I'll already be doing a video game costume and I mostly go to anime conventions.

In the comments below, please make some suggestions for my second cosplay! I'd love to hear what you guys would like to see/ what you think I could do well.
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United States
Hi! I'm Kat, I'm 18 and I love cosplay! I wish I could draw, but I suck at it. I am majoring in Astrophysics and have just completed my freshman year of college. My first cosplay was Umbrion and my favorite at the moment is Lightning, but that is always subject to change. I have a cosplay group with my twin sister Izzy (check it out here: www.potterninjapro.deviantart.…). My favorite anime is Clannad: after story and my favorite manga is Naruto. ummm... I think that's about it! If you have any questions feel free to ask me! <3


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